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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am JST

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hello, and welcome to k ewsline." i'm ross miha in tokyo. a brief israeli truce i the gaza strip to allow aid to reach palestinians ended on mond. israeli lders had decred the trucender a cloud of international cricism. nhworld's michio k reports. >>eporter: israeli commander sathey launched their offensive toestroy tunnels used by hamas fighte. hamauses the underground networto carry out attacksn israi towns. but commanders s they're close
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to achievi their goal, so many of their troops e pulling out. but the raelis haven't stopp the threat from abe. on sunday, one shell lande outside united nations s about 3,0 palestinians had taken refuge there. ten ofhem were killed. u.n. secretary-gener ban ki-moon called the attack ral outrage and a crinal act. >> we virously condemn this atta because we had notied the israeli ar 33 times about the fact that there re people at this shelter,his school. >> reporter: thepokesperson for the u.s. state deptment said israemust do more to meet its own stanrds and avoid civian casualties. israeli officers sayhey're loing into it. >> indeed we're inveigating the siation. weill get to the bottoof this. and once we , we will make our conclusions puic. >> reporter: has leaders say they won stop fighting until
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israel lts its economic blockade. thmilitants launched me than 90ockets toward israel on sunday alone. some blame tm for putting the lives of palestinianat risk. re than 1,800 people have en killed since the offsive began last month. and u.n. officials say almt half aillion pales been forced into emerg shelters. many have little to eat. many can't finenough clean water. >> tralator: if the war coinues, we won't be ae to contain disees anymore. it wl be a disaster. >> reporter: some sait already is. michio kijima, nhk wor. police in israelay a man rammed a bulldozer io a bus in jerusalem. th say one pedestrian s killed. thbus driver and several others were injud. they're calling itn act of terrism.
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locamedia say the bulldor ran over a pestrian then overrned the bus. poli shot and killed the bulldozer driver >> we're looki into the identityf the suspect. om what we know untinow, the spect is still beingxamined, obviously, aer he was shot. police units worked ry quicy. >> israe media say the man w a palestian. thincident occurred on day israelleaders called for a brief cease-fire ithe gaza strip to led aid worrs reach the palestinians. a gean magazine says israeli intelligence eavesdropp on phone coersations by u.s. seetary oftate john kerry. er spiegel" cites several urces for the story. it says thisraeli an listened in on cal kerry and top middle easrn officials last year. ey were negotiating e peace procs between israel and palestine. kerry reportedlyade calls on encrypteequipment but
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sometimes used normaphones when traveling. the gazine says israel ud informion obtained through this spying iniplomatic negoations. "spiegel" say if the allegation is nfirmed, already ten relations beten the country and the u.s. could worsen. tens of ousands of people have fled their hes in northern iraq after sunni militantsaptured two towns on sunday. local media say thforces als seized the country's and an oil fie after driving out kurdistroops. resides who escaped say the militas demanded that they convt to islam or face dth. the united natio says up to 20000 people have beenorced to flee. kurds ruing an autonomous region in e north deployed troo in july to protect the sis. thfighters are known to be organized and powerful. this was their fst major defeat bthe militants. in je, the sunni forces seized
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iraq'second largest city o mosul. they've since beenxpan theiterritory. iraqi government troops ar fightingack with the h u.s. militar. a crowded ferry s capsized on a river ibangladesh leaving at lst two people dead and morehan 200 missing. thferry sank on the padma ver on monday. it was crossing the jor wateay and heading to a burb of the capital dhaka local media saat least 250 people we on board. they say 44 manad to swim ashore or re rescued. diversre searching for the missing. vestigators still dot know the cause of the aident. the rivecurrent was reported strong when the fer capsized. the media say e vessel was crowd with people returning from their hometow during a liday to mark the end of ramadan. dozens of ople die in ferry accidents every yearn bangladeshwhere boats are a common form of traportation. overcrowding is ten blamed for the accidents.
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>>a magnitude 6.5 quake hit ludian county in souwestern china on sday. nearly 400eople were killed, and more tha1,800 were injured. nhk world's dauke azuma has more fm beijing. >> rorter: it's been 24 hours sie the quake struck aund 4:30 p.mon sunday local time milita, police, and other reuers have been worki throughouthe night. >> translator: ielt the rthquake and went ou then my house >> translator: sething fell on my sister's head a unco i called my relativeover right away >> reporte concrete buildings collapsed. uses and cars were bied by landslides clo to the icenter. chinespresident xi jinpingas called forelief workers to
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focus on saving live the chinese emier will lead e rescue operations site. luan is a mountainous ea about 200 kimeters from the provinci capital. rescueorkers are contendin with roads bcked by landslid. many people in chinaost their lives earthquakes over th last decade. a majotrembler hit the neighborin provincefichuan in may 28, leaving about 87,000 people dead or missin a magnite 5.1 earthquake occued in july 2006 nearhe one that hit suny. more tn 20 people were kild. another que in september 2012 took more than 80 lives. aftehocks continue to ro luan county.
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weather officials edict heavy rain in the area rescue efforts cld be hampered byad weather. daise azuma, nhk world, beijing. residents of wesrn japan are wading tough floodwaters and wondering whenhe rain will let up. mid air has brought in torrenal downpours. local authoritiehave warned many peoe to get out of the area. officials with the japan meteorologal agency say more than,100 millimeters of rain has fallen on kochi precture since iday. residents of neighboring tokushima prefecture havseen mo than 600 millimeter the oodwaters swept away a nstruction worker the. rescue workersound his body downstream. the rains have madthe ground unstable. a landslide trapd 78 people, most of themtudents, in a mmunity center. hundreds of houses aoss the regionave been inundated. auorities have issued
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evacuation advisies for more than 450,000 people. and forecasters say re rain is on the way. >>several parts of eure are also eeriencing severe weather. weeks of heavy rain ve triggered floo in parts of bulgaria and rania. a river overflowedn rthwestern bulgaria sunday. reers news agency repos more than 5houses have collapsed and hundredsore remain under water. bulgarn officials say they managed to rese more than 500 people overnht, but one man was fod dead. in southwestern romania, fods hit mo than 250 villages, forcing the acuation of more than 200 people. this part of eope already experienced ck in may severe floods tt left at least 35 pele dead. in a sepate incident, a flas flood swept througa village in northern italyuring a summer festival. four peoe were killed and 20
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others iured. people across japan ho eventsvery august to rememr world war ii and a that was lost. the war ende69 years ago. shortly before it di u.s. war planes dropped atoc bombs on hiroima and then nagasaki. the weaponad never been used an attack before anhas ner been used since. ahead of the memial ceremonies on aust 6th and 9th, "remembering hirhima and nagasaki" wi look at how people in the cities are keeping memories andampaigns r a nuclear-free wor alive. one survivor in hiroshimhas been making documeary films about what was lost inhe bombings and how livesere
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forer changed. nhk rld's chie yamagishias the story. reporter: masaaki tabe vits a man who lost hifamily in the atomibombing. he is one of more th 300 people he has intervieweover the past 17 years. l lived near ground zero. >> translator: what was th hardest ing you experienced after the atomicombing? >> translator: i wasassed ound to live with vaous relaves, and i trave scho carrying their babi on back. >> reporter:n his five documeary films, tanabe ha used computer grapcs to re-create detailed imas of central hiroima before the blast. the enes are based on survivor accounts. tana started making his lms after turnin60.
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had the urge to telfuture generaons about what the bb took away inn instant from the lives of the cits residents. >> translar: i re-created the old cityape as a memorial, a moment, a commemoration to those who lo their lives. >> reporter: tanabe was bo and brght up in the house xt to what is now called t atomic bomb dome. he was 8 when thbomb was dropped. his parents and his year-old brother were kille he and h grandmother had earlier been ecuated from the city and survived. two days after the bomng, tanabe returned to t spot whe his house had stoo he saw human bodparts completelyurned and scattered among oldering debris.
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>> translator: i waseyond saess and i was afraid i mean, therwas nothing, nothing left of my oncwarm and friendly nghborhood. >> reporter:anabe finds it very painf to recall the bombing. in the digitale-creation of his n home, his parents d littlerother are nowhere tbe seen. but the new film he's wking on, tabe has decided to include sketch of the people he persolly saw and heard shortly after e bombing. >> tnslator: a baby was ill cking milk from the east of his de mother. the mother neck was broken. e important thing iso tell whatappened to the peopl there. if we don't do that, peoe
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arou the world won't undersnd the reality, the ue impactf the atomic bombing. >> reporter: tanabalso wants to show justow the bomb shtered the lives of the survivors. he visits a childhoofriend who is like a littlerother to him. toshio nakamori is t years younger than tanab just like tanabe, nakamo lost his parents and younr brother to the atomic bo. nakamori changedobs frequently after finiing junior high school. ever since hisrandmother passed away, he s led the life solitude. >> translator: isn'there anythingou enjoy these >> translator:o, it doesn't seem s >> reporr: tanabe struggled
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over wheth to publicize the details the life of someone solose to him, but he cided to expin nakamori's plighto show how theomb peop >> translator: aft being oraned as a child, nakori beca an adult atom orphan. after thbombing, he never kn happinesor experienced the love of a familyr anythi like that. there are livelike that here in hiroshima, and they wer caused by thatomic bomb. this is a fa that must be told. >> reporter: tanabe inks that his mother and littlbrother died here where theikitchen ce stood. tabe wants people arou the world to understanwhat the atomic bombing has taken ay from the lives of ornary people.
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chieamagishi, nhk world, roshima. >> tabe will complete his new film ahead othe 70th anniveary of the bombing. he hopes to sh it to people fr around the world ne year in new york atn event related to the riew conference of th nuclear nonproliferaon treaty. two janese cities, two atomicombings that changed history. tens of thsands of people died in an instant august 1945. survivors we left suffering in the ruins. "newsle" will show you how they'vbeen passing down thr experiences d sharing messages about world peace. joins for our special corage "remembering hiroshima a nagasaki" arting monday, august 4th. >> the fukushima pfecture government and oth
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orgazations have joine force to promo a regional export. they'r selling peaes to shoppers in thaila. at around9 apiece the fruit is about three times the price as in japan. at a promoonal eve at a bangkokepartment store, shoppers tried some samples. many were impressed and went home with thexotic peaches. peach exports from fukusma to thailand were haltedfter the acdent at the fukushima daiichi nucle plant in 2011. the shipments resumed in septber the following ye. exrts have beenn a rise since then over a ton was shipped in the year ending march 2013 and nearly two tons a year later. fukushima offials say there targeting wealthy shoppers. >> transtor: i was very moved
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to see thai people holdhe peache in theirhands. i expressedy thanks t th. >> he also said he hes the peaches bring smile to the facesf thai people. > government officia in the philpines have slapped aeavy fi on a man who's always called the cntry home. thman recently obtaine japanese nationality, bu authorits now claim he's liv in the country illegly all his life. and he is askingor the decision tbe reconsidered. beenido toshio shin made h request on monda he was bn to a japanese and a filipino m island of mianao. he is no70 years old and sti lives the. shin was lefbe japane aut father to fighin world war ii. this march, a pa nongovernmental orgazation helped him obtain hi nationaly. he planned to visit s father's hotown in southern jap, and he says thisisit is his ng-cherished dream.
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but immigration auorities in mala have refuse leave. they say firste has to pay a fine of more tha$30,000. for what they ll illegal stay since s birth. the ngo officials o helped shin say about 130eople with similar bagrounds have obtained japanese natiality. they areaiting to see if the philipne immigration bureau reconsiders the decion. > japan's prime minier shzo abe is back from s tour of latinmerica. his last desnation out of five s brazil. abe andhe cotry's psident dilma roseff say they'llork to strenhen bilatel relations. we spoke with kunio umeda, japan's ambaador to bril, abt the significancef ts meeting. >> reporter: aassador umeda says thewo leade have agreed to meet fruently.
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abe's sit to brazil was th first foa minister in n year >> japan andrazil decided to raise thbilateral relations to the level of global rategy partnehip. >> reporte brazil has the seventth highest gdp in th world. thtwo leaders agreed to cooperate in shibuilding to exore maritime resourc in brazian waters. they arelso planning a joint search f minerals and coal. >> government d business sector of both couries made a number of agreementsf cooperation in varus economic areas. >> reporter: bral has the world's largest japanese community 1.6 million people. ambassador umeda cls it a very ecial bond. >> theirxistence or their contribution to azilian society are a huge aet for
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both japan andrazil. i want to vote a lot of time to strengthen jan's cooperation wi japanese community. >> rorter: the bric summ of ve emerging companies too place last month in brazil. the chinese presidt visited and toured three am brazil can strengthe while china islso boosti presence in the regi. >> as lo as we share the bas values and we mainta the very strong hun connection, we can overcomehe different interests. m very optimistic abt japa about future relations. >> reporr: japan and brazil
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are preparing toelebrate the 12h anniversary of dipmatic relations nextear. engineers at fukushima daiichi aretruggling to coain the flow of contaminated water into the site. they've undertakenn ambitious plan to deal with th they're constrting nhk world's yoichiro tatwa traved to the crippled nlear plant for a fithand look. >> repter: this is my seco me inside fukushima daiich sincthe nuclear accident. before getng any closer to the radioaive site, we make an important st. i'm given a full st of prective gear to wear. continated water problems
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still the mainssue here in fukushima daiichi. and now wee going to go out and see what right now haening and what it ishe teo engineers are doing. nexttepco officials takee to e construction site where workers artrying out a new way to deal with the conminated ter. it is right next to e reactor buildings, and these heavy chines lined up haven portant job to do. they're being usedo insert ese pipes, and they will rch 30 meters deepnder the soil. there's going to be e here so that each pipe has o meter distance, and altogether 1
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kilometers, which is,500 pipes are going to be inserted tthe soil the stretcof pipes will surroundhe reactor buildings and coolant will binjected to crte a huge ice wall. the ice is expected block the ound water from seeping in the buildis. i then come across somethi unexpeed. it a group of workers who ar nducting an assessme. they say they're ccking the location of derground obstacles. they elain there's a compl networof trenches and tubes beneath the plt. they say the ice walpipes will crs over in 170 spots. expertfear the crossing wi interfe with the freezing
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ocess, and they worry hole coulform, allowing contamined water to seep in. the size and sco of this projecis unprecedented, an workers he tell me they cannot ancipate the outcome. translator: there a various falities underground, d we have difficulty chking and adapng to them. but i believe can make it rough the problems wh the cooperation ofepco. >> reporr: combatting the coaminated water has aistory of setbacks. tepco officials take me the other key cility. it's called l.p.s., or advanced liquiprocessing system. engineers are usinthe system toemove radioactive substanc.
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but the system frequtly stops working. i asked thmanager to explain why. >> transtor: high radiation damaged the teflonade packing. we didn't kn that radiation had such aeffect on the device. ere are many things don't know. it's t first time that we' using th type of machine. >> reporter:ngineers are determined to drawn their past experiences. theyake me to the constrtion site for two me a.l.p.s. there's stila long road ahead. as o manager here tells , the ial and error contins. he just pes it won't be for much lonr. yoichiro tateiwa, nhworld, fukushima daiii. he is the world weathe forecast
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that's a we have for now on "wsline." m ross mihara in tokyo. thanks f joining us on nhk world.
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right after thgreat japan earthqua in 2011, volunteers flked to the devastateareas. but manyf the stricken coast areas had some considerabl dama that they could notake preparatio for receiving volunteers. in their suation, the citizens of toncity welcomed everyone who offered to help. we refused stop and


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